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If you are attending LMT2023 from overseas, before you arrive you will need to make sure that you meet the visa requirements. If you are of a nationality that requires a visa to Australia, it is a good idea to start the application process as soon as possible. Here are some resources that will help the application process:

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

Australia allows that citizens of certain countries can apply for a free travel visa online (not including the AUD $20 processing fee). If you are eligible for this visa, it is valid for up to three months and allows you to travel throughout Australia, go on a cruise and conduct business-related activities, so long as you are not earning an Australian wage.

Check your ETA eligibility here.

If you are not eligible for ETA, this tool will tell you which type of visa you need to apply for.

Visa Application Process

You should begin your visa application process as soon as you can. While an ETA can be granted in as little as a day, you should always account for delays. Other types of visas will take a lot longer to process – sometimes as long as a month.

Gathering Necessary Documents

To ensure there are as few hurdles as possible when it comes to your visa application, ensure you have also the necessary documents gathered before starting the process. These include:

  • Passport
  • Genuine Visitor Documents that prove that you are coming to Australia as a visitor only (this may include an official letter of invitation from the conference, a letter from family, travel itinerary, flight home, or proof of job in home country)
  • Proof of ability to support yourself (such as bank statements or proof of salary)

Travelling with Your Family

For the most part, if you are travelling with your family, you will need to apply for their ETAs or visas when you apply for your own. Be aware that this may add time to the process.

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that Materials Australia and LMT2023 provide all information above related to visas and via applications as general information only. This should not be taken as legal advice. Conference delegates and all other individuals should always seek specific legal advice from a professional, qualified immigration lawyer.